Mar 18: Gyro; Sous Vide Duck with Crash Hot Potatoes and Wilted Chard


After shopping both home renovation stores we headed a little further and picked up a Lamb Yeros from New York Chicken and Gyro for $8.17 with tax and tip.


Now that we have our Duck technique down Рsous vid̩ to medium rare, then sear the fat side Рwe were able to prepare a near perfect Duck breast for our niece.

  • The Duck was $13.11 or $4.37 per serve
  • The Potato Medley was $3.49 and we used half, or 88c per serve
  • The Green Chard was $1.99 or 67c per serve.

The verdict was “best duck ever” so we did well for $5.92 per serve.

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