Jun 19: Shin Bowl; Jumbo Scallops on Soyccotash


A slightly cooler day had us turning to a Shin Noodle Bowl. A pack of four was $3.69 or 93c per serve, which proved to be quite generous and a satisfying – if spicy hot – meal. We do, however, only use one of the two flavor pouches.


We had picked up some Giant Scallops from Aldi and were keen to find out how good they were, considering the low price. We’ve had mixed experience with Scallops: from Whole Foods they were good, but pricy (unless they are on special and you get a Prime discount). From Ralphs (Kroger) they were packed full of water and not at all pleasant.

We served on top of some Buttered Soycotash.

  • The frozen “dry packed” Scallops were $9.69, or $4.85 per serve
  • The Soyccotash was $2.29 and we used half, or 58c per serve
  • Add 50c for Butter.

The Scallops seared nicely as they did not spit out water. In fact, these were as good as the Whole Foods and only slightly more than the Whole Foods price after the special and Prime discounts. The Soyccotash is kind of boring, but overall it was a good meal for $5.43 per serve.

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