Aug 26: Tuna Melt; Elote


We each had a full Tuna Melt, which meant we got to select our flavor. Foodie Philip went with Sweet & Spicy, while Foodie Greg chose Lemon Pepper.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • Swiss adds 34c per serve
  • Tuna adds 99c per serve
  • Add 50c for Garlic Spread, Shallot and Capers.

A very tasty sandwich for $2.57 per serve.


Foodie Greg found some very good corn at Trader Joe’s so we changed plans to Elote, so we could eat them at their freshest, and therefore best.

A slow roast on the grill turns them out perfectly.

  • The Corn was $1.96 or 98c per serve
  • The Cotija was $4.49 and we used less than ΒΌ or 56c per serve
  • Garlic Spread adds 50c per serve
  • Greek Yoghurt adds 40c per serve.

The slow grill best develops the Corn’s flavor, caramelizing the sugars in the surface of the kernels. They’re done when they start popping! An excellent, and favorite meal, for $2.44 per serve.

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