Aug 27: Fried Scallops, Fries & Coleslaw; Hot and Sour Beef Salad


A nearby shopping trip put us near Mr Fish & Chips. We’ve enjoyed the Fried Cod before, but today decided to have Fried Scallops, Fries and Coleslaw instead. We ordered extra Coleslaw.

This is a meal for one that we shared, making it $5.19 with tax and tip.


We chose Sirloin from our Keller Crafted meat box, seared it and sliced it into Hot and Sour Beef Salad.

  • The Top Sirloin was $12.36 or $6.18 per serve
  • The Salad Greens mix was $1.99 but we shared half, or 50c per serve
  • Limes were 49c for two but we shared one, or 13c per serve
  • Mint was from our garden
  • Sugar Snap peas were $3.49 but we used ΒΌ or 44c per serve
  • The Bell Pepper was 64c or 32c per serve
  • Instead of a Chili we used some Sambal Ulec, which adds 20c per serve.

This is a favorite of the Foodies for $7.77 per serve, although tonight’s Top Sirloin was not as tender as we expect from Keller Crafted, but it was full of flavor.

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