Sep 17: Fried Scallops, Fries & Coleslaw; Romanian Skirt Steak, Home Fries, and Fried Eggs


A nearby shopping trip put us near Mr Fish & Chips. We stuck with the Fried Scallops, Fries and Coleslaw and ordered extra Coleslaw.

This is a meal for one that we shared, making it $5.19 with tax and tip.


We continued the “sharing an entree” theme with another venture out to bring food home. We haven’t been able to enjoy the food at The Country Deli for a while, as it mostly doesn’t travel well. Great food eaten three minutes from the kitchen, not so great after 15 minutes of travel.

How food travels is a serious challenge in these times, and many restaurants are changing their menus to make them resist degrading during the trip home. Friends in San Francisco celebrated their anniversary with a finish-at-home kit prepared by a local restaurant.

We worked out a compromise: buy the Romanian Skirt Steak Dinner, substituting Home Fries for Mashed or Baked Potato. Then when we got home, fry the Eggs there and serve. We preheated our griddle so there was minimal.

Although we added the Eggs, Foodie Greg felt there was enough food without and probably won’t add them next time. The serving was enormous and more than enough food for two, for $15.62 per serve, plus $1.02 for the eggs: $16.64.

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