Sep 19: Slided Ham & Coleslaw; Seared Duck Breast with Yakisoba and Bok Choy


We still had Coleslaw from Mr Fish & Chips so we sandwiched it between slices of Deli Ham, in a sandwich!

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • The Coleslaw is 56c per serve
  • Black Forest Ham is $3.29 per pack, or 66c per serve.

Always an enjoyable sandwich, for $1.96 per serve.


Tonight was our “Duck Night,” which we schedule about once a month, now that we have a consistent (mostly) supply of frozen Duck Breast from Whole Foods, and know how to cook it to perfection.

  • The Duck was $13.59 or $6.80 per serve
  • The noodles are $3.19 for the pack, or $1.60 per serve
  • The Bok Choy was $2.00 and used about or 34c per serve.

As always an excellent, and somewhat affordable, treat for $8.74 per serve.

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