Oct 18: Giant Baked Beans & Fried Eggs on Homemade Sourdough; Shredded Beef Tostadas with Refried Black Beans, Avocado, Kumato, Butter Lettuce and Salsa


Once again we had some homemade Sourdough from a neighbor.

  • The Giant Baked Beans are $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • Eggs are $1.02 per serve
  • The Sourdough was free.

A great lunch for $2.02 per serve.


After slow braising the Mexican style Beef Shoulder, we shredded it. For the Tostadas we spread Refried Black Beans on a Tostada, added the Shredded Beef, Kumato, Butter Lettuce and Salsa! The Beef will give us at least six serves.

  • The beef was $20.78 but we’ll get at least six serves, or $3.46 per serve
  • Tostados were $1.39 for 21, or 13c per serve
  • Baby Bell Peppers are 16c each or 32c per serve
  • Refried Beans add 25c per serve
  • Kumatos add 70c per serve
  • Add 30c for Butter Lettuce
  • Add 30c for Salsa.

The Shredded Beef was great, but the Tostada construction was somewhat fragile. Still, very tasty for $5.46 per serve.

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