Oct 20: Bento Box; Mussels in Goan Coconut Sauce with Garlic Naan


The Foodies decided to try Maru Sushi Bar that is probably our second closest restaurant. We picked Bento Boxes with Miso Soup. The portions were generous and the flavor excellent for $13.14 per serve. We’ll definitely be back.


Mussels are always a favorite, and in a Goan Coconut Sauce with Naan, they make a great meal.

  • The Goan Simmer Sauce was $5.49 or $2.75 per serve
  • The Mussels were $2.49 or $1.25 per serve
  • The Naan $3.49 or $1.75 per serve.

It’s interesting that the Simmer Sauce and Naan were each more than the protein! Still a very tasty meal for $5.75 per serve.

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