Nov 8: Bahn Mi; Greek Drunken Pork Stew with Brown Rice and Peas


The Bahn Mi from Pho Saigon 1, for $10.00 with tax and tip, seems to be getting bigger with every visit. Foodie Greg could not finish his today!


A recipe we’d like before – Greek Drunken Pork Stew was perfect on a cool day.

  • The pork was $8.99 or $4.50 per serve
  • Red wine adds 50c or 25c per serve
  • Canned Tomatoes are 99c, or 45 per serve
  • Add 40c for the other ingredients
  • Brown rice adds 33c per serve
  • Frozen peas are $1.29 per pack and we used half, or 33c per serve.

Tasty and filling for $6.26 per serve.

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