Jan 9: Hebrew Temptation; 13 Bean Soup


We finished the other half of the Hebrew Temptation for $3.14 per serve.


Foodie Greg found a 13 Bean Mix at Whole Foods, so we made it into soup using a stock made from a Ham Bone we had in the freezer.

  • The Ham Bone was free
  • Add 25c per serve for Bay Leaf, Carrot & Onion
  • The 13 Bean Mix was $5.49 and we used half, or 69c per serve
  • Half Brioche Bagel is 29c.

The Soup was excellent. Thanks to the rich Ham Stock, it had a great unctuousness. The Beans added flavor and a textural variety. Overall a really excellent soup for 94c, or $1.23 with the Bagel, per serve.

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