May 11: Delice de Bourgogne, Leg Ham & Onion Sprouts on a Brioche Bagel; Eloté


Back in Australia we would regularly visit George’s Gourmet Kitchen and buy a Hame, Camembert and Snow Pea Shoots. Our reproduction is on a Brioche Bagel, substitutes Delice de Bourgogne for the Camembert and Onion Sprouts instead of Snow Pea Shoots.

  • The Brioche Bagel is 58c
  • Leg Ham adds 10c per serve
  • Sprouts add 30c per serve
  • The Delice de Bourgogne was $5.38 and we shared ½, or $1.35 per serve.

An exceptionally tasty lunch for $2.33 per serve.


Foodie Greg had planned something completely different for tonight’s dinner, but while shopping for Cotija (on special) he discovered some very fresh Corn at Whole Foods, so we changed plans and grilled the Corn and covered it with a Cotija mix and enjoyed.

  • The Cotija was $3.59 on special and we used about ⅓, or 60c per serve
  • The Corn was $2.25 or $1.13 per serve
  • Add 80c per serve for Mayo, Yoghurt and Chipotle sprinkle.

A super favorite of Foodie Philip, which did not disappoint, for $2.53 per serve.

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