Sep 29: 13 Bean Soup


We defrosted a serve of Mushroom and Red Wine Meatloaf and sandwiched it in a hot French Roll with Lettuce and Blue Cheese Mustard.

  • The Sandwich Rolls are 89c per serve
  • The Meatloaf is $1.54 per serve
  • Lettuce adds 10c per serve
  • Blue Cheese Mustard adds 30c per serve.

A tasty roll for $2.83 per serve.


Although Summer isn’t over yet, a cool spell made 13 Bean Soup very attractive, particularly when made on home-made Ham Stock.

  • The Ham Bone was free so the Stock had no cost
  • Add 25c per serve for Bay Leaf, Carrot & Onion
  • The 13 Bean Mix was $5.49 and we used half, or 69c per serve
  • Add 22c per serve for Italian Bread
  • Add 50c per serve for Garlic Spread.

While it doesn’t photograph particularly well, the soup is very flavorsome, particularly since we made the Ham Stock with just the amount of water we needed for the soup, thus amping up the Ham flavor. A good hearty soup for $1.66 per serve.

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