Jan 21: Rainbow Trout with Fried Capers and Caesar Salad


We toasted some Italian Bread and topped with Delice de Bourgogne and Green Apple.

  • The Delice de Bourgogne was $5.38 and we shared ½, or $1.35 per serve
  • The Italian Bread was 32c per serve
  • Apple adds 20c per serve.

A very tasty lunch for $1.87 per serve.


Pan-fried Rainbow Trout with a Caesar Salad kit, makes for an easy ‘Fishy Friday’.

  • The Rainbow Trout was $9.37 for four pieces, or $2.34 per serve
  • The Caesar Salad Kit is $1.00 per serve
  • Add 30c for Capers
  • Add 40c for Butter.

The Rainbow Trout was tasty, but the Caesar Salad Kit, which was the same “product” from the same store, has definitely changed and is nowhere near as flavorsome nor enjoyable. A mixed meal for $4.04 per serve.

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