Jan 23: Rack of Lamb with Citrus and Feta Salad


We shared a tetra pack of Organic Leek and Potato Soup on special at Whole Foods for $3.88 after all discounts, or $1.94 per serve.


In a very rare occasion, the Foodies had dinner guests, for whom we prepared sous vide Rack of Lamb that was seared to perfection before serving with a Citrus and Feta Salad. We served with a Lemon, Mint and Yoghurt sauce with Mint and Meyer Lemon from our garden.

  • The full Rack of Lamb was $25.82, but we served four, or $6.45 per serve
  • The Grapefruit were $2.89 or 72c per serve
  • The Feta was $6.49 and we shared ½, or 81c per serve
  • Add 30c per serve for Shallot and other ingredients
  • Add 30c for Yoghurt
  • Mint and Lemon came from our garden.

We sous vide a little higher than we have in the past, and it turns out that 140ºF is the perfect temperature for Lamb. It was the best we’ve ever done, with the meat just a little firmer and the fat significantly better rendered. The acidic Citrus Salad is the perfect foil to the fattiness of the Lamb and the Lemon, Mint and Yoghurt Dressing was a hit around the table. A restaurant quality meal for $8.58 per serve.

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