Sep 7: Country Deli Steak Salad

We swapped it up a little by preparing our Chorizo, Smoked Bell Pepper and Gouda sandwich as a Panini in a Ciabatta Roll.

  • The Ciabatta Roll is 58c per serve
  • The Gouda is 34c per serve
  • The Chorizo was $4.72 and we used half, or $1.18 per serve
  • Fire Roasted Peppers cost $1.99 and we used half, or 50c per serve
  • Add 40c for Garlic Spread.

The sandwich worked even better as a Panini for $3.00.


Although we normally get the Marinated Skirt Steak Dinner, tonight we decided to try the same Steak on a Salad for $12.81 per serve, which was far better than we expected. We felt the Onion Rings didn’t fit, but otherwise excellent.

We also purchased a “slice” of New York Cheesecake, which was very good.

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