Sep 13: Chicken Thighs in Marsala Sauce on Rice and Peas


Foodie Greg bought home another Tarte Au Brie Et Aux Tomatoes, which we enjoyed for $4.29 or $2.15 per serve. In order to avoid the soggy bottom we’ve experienced with this Tarte before, Foodie Greg heated a sheet pan in the oven, and placed the Tarte on parchment paper on the sheet pan to go into the oven. It was considerably more successful.


A simple meal of raw Chicken Thighs simmered for a couple of hours in a Marsala Sauce, and served on Rice and Peas.

  • The Chicken Thighs were $6.09 or $3.05 per serve
  • Brown Rice adds 34c per serve
  • Frozen Garden Peas add 30c per serve
  • The Marsala Simmer Sauce was $2.69 or $1.35 per serve.

A reasonably tasty meal for $5.14 per serve. We there in a few baby potatoes lost in the fridge!

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